Our Human Resource Staffing Solutions includes:
Temporary Staffing for Light Industrial and Clerical
Professional/Career Staffing for direct hire or temporary
Technical Services
Pre-employment screening – Drug testing and background checks
Skills testing
Employee training, orientation and skill development
Employer Specific Orientation
OSHA Authorized Training
Payroll Services

Temporary Staffing
Wise Staffing/Epsco offers temporary jobs from entry-level to management. Our service provides quality and consistency by recruiting temporary employees and utilizing selection techniques including pre-employment screening, skills testing, drug testing and background checks.

Career Staffing
Wise Staffing Services can provide professional staffing for your short or long-term needs.
We carefully recruit, screen and check references, so we can only present qualified candidates for interviewing.
There is never a fee for our services until you select one of our candidates. We offer economical rates and fees for our career placements.

Drug and Alcohol Screening
Wise Staffing Services offers on-site toxicology screening for our employees. Two (2) to Ten (10) panel drug screens may be requested for your proposed employees. This service is also available for companies needing pre-employment and random screening. We can screen your employees at your location or ours. Results can be ready within minutes.

Background Checks
Wise Staffing Services offers background checks for recruited employees or your existing employees:

Criminal Background
Available by county, metro area, parishes and state, these searches are critical for employees with access to inventory, money, drugs, records, and customers. Helps avoid negligent hiring liability and violence in the workplace.

Motor Vehicle Reports
Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR’s) work as an indicator of behavior, attitude, and potential health problems. MVR’s also show DUI and reckless driving history. MVR’s reveal important character information and are absolutely essential for drivers and lift truck operators.

Other Searches
Other searches may include Education Verification and Professional License Verification. These services are available upon request at a competitive price.

Clerical Testing/Skills Training
Clerical personnel recruited by Wise Staffing Services are tested at no charge. These test results are provided with computerized results generated and validated by QWIZ. Also, any current personnel of your company or potential personnel recruited by your company may be tested by Wise Staffing Services for a fee.

Wise Staffing Services offers clerical training to qualified applicants. This can be from beginners to the advanced operators wishing to brush up on existing skills. Areas of training range from general typing skills to word processing software.

Payrolling Service/Payroll Processing
Wise Staffing Services can provide a payrolling service which allows you to recruit your own personnel and payroll them through Wise Staffing Services during their training period.

Wise Staffing Services can process your company’s payroll at a minimal fee. This includes:
Check Processing
Payroll Tax Reports
W-2 Printing